Logitech MX518 Mouse With 16,000 DPI Sensor

Logitech is a Well know Hardware Gaming Company. Recently Logitech Launched MX518 Mouse With 16,000 DPI Sensor, which incorporates its latest HERO sensor as well as a new SoC. The new mouse is designed to be better than its predecessor from 14 years ago in every aspect possible, but one of the things still remained intact: its ambidextrous shape that many consider an ideal shape for a gaming mouse.

Logitech MX518 


The Logitech G MX518 is based on the company’s 32-bit ARM Cortex-M-based SoC, which offers a 1ms USB polling rate. It’s paired with the company’s HERO sensor, which is tuned to provide an up to 16,000 DPI resolution (up from 1600 DPI on the original one from 2005). The company also rates its mouse for up to 40 G maximum acceleration as well as for up to 400 IPS (inches per minute) maximum acceleration, which is in-line with advanced wireless gaming mice available today. As for the weight, the new MX518 weighs 102 grams.
Being aimed primarily at experienced gamers with nostalgia about the good old days, the new G-series MX518 is wired, it supports a number of features found on modern mice, including eight programmable buttons (something that was implemented on the original one too) and five onboard memory profiles.
Logitech MX518
The same processor and sensor are used for Logitech’s G603 G305 and G Pro Wireless gaming mice so we can say that the new Logitech G MX518 is based on a modern and already proven platform. Furthermore, the new MX518 adds Logitech’s premium “Nightfall” finish to give the mouse a high-end feel.
Logitech MX518
The relative simplicity, ergonomics, and cost were presumably the key reasons why Logitech decided to re-launch its MX518 with new internals. Given the nostalgia and pedigree that come with the name, the new MX518 has a good chance to become popular, and it makes a great bit of sense for Logitech to capitalize on that. The new Logitech G-series MX518 is already available directly from the manufacturer for $59.99.
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