Indian GTA 5 Game Launch

BHAI THE GANGSTER is an Android Game Launched  In 2018 on Google Play Store. This Game is in the Hindi Language. Basically, In this Game, You Have To Complete Mission But in a Funny way. This Game was Developed by FirePack Studio. 

Bhai The Gangster

Features of Bhai The Gangster:

 1: Hindi Voice Overs
 2: Indian Characters 
 3: Indian Environment 
 4:  Epic storyline and gameplay
 5: Indian Auto and Mumbai Taxi Missions to earn money
 6: Indian Lorry ( Truck ) physics
 7: Indian Police Chase 
 8: UP/Bihar/Bhojpuri style language used And more. 

Bhai The Gangster

Bhai The Gangster is An Open World Action game for India based on Hindi movie storyline. Hindi dialogues and character play will blow your mind.  

Bhai The Gangster features a unique storyline where Bhai is taking revenge on his girlfriend killer. Bhai used to be the Gangster of the city but he chooses the good path. Being a gangster always gets you more enemies than friends. One of the enemies called “Kancha” gave supari for his girlfriend and this game is the journey of Bhai for the revenge. 

Find Kancha and kill him. 


Bhai The Gangster is Famous For His Unique Language and Funny Missions. Recently This Game Updated To Newer Version in which you can go to Bangkok. Recently This Game Got a Massive Hit After Some YouTubers Started Playing It. Some Are Doing Live Streams Of This Game.
Overall, This Game is Totally Fun. You will Enjoy This Game.
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